Piano Lessons NYC

By Eleonor England

Hey guys! Welcome to the homepage of Piano Lessons NYC by Eleonor England. We offer piano lessons in NYC and online for ages 5+ – including adult learners – and our teachers are some of the very most qualified, background-checked teachers with advanced degrees, even for our teachers of kids!

We have piano lessons available in NYC and through Zoom online – our piano teachers have 10 years experience in giving online lessons so you don’t have to suffer through us learning how to do online lessons real quick just at the start of covid. At Piano Lessons NYC, we have a ton of experience and have worked the kinks out in online piano lessons already!

Most kids start with a 25 min first lesson and graduate up to a 50 minute lesson as they become more advanced and develop a little more attention span as they get older. Adults can do 25- or 50-minute sessions.

Welcome to Piano Lessons NYC site – we really hope we get to work with you soon and get you started toward your goals with piano!


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